Surfocoast muso Harmony- Libby

This is Libby. She’s got a voice that is filled with sublime vocal colour. Her voice to me is a mixture of Nina Simone’s depth and Amy Winehouse’s soul—something quite unheard of these days. She draws her inspiration from the one and only Queen of all Soul— Aretha Franklin, which is entirely evident through her voice. She is inspired by those who are “making waves in this world” and use their platform for only good.

I asked Libby who her favourite musicians are and what music she listens to—The Tesky brothers and Alabama Shakes is what she finds herself coming back to after listening to a broad range of music. “They’re timeless, soulful and always amazing.” Libby has spent her entire living existence singing. From playing in bands in High School to having her own band now. Her driven yet nonchalant approach is unique.

When you talk to Libby and she speaks of her music, her whole energy lights up. You know, when you see that spark in someone doing what they love, it will always be a big part of their life. “I try to stay present. Live everyday as it comes and let it play out as it will.” With a voice like Libby’s that can move mountains, the world would be silly to pass her down. I really believe through her voice and the person she is, she has a lot to give to this world.

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