Surfcoast Muso Harmony- Tommy

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

6 tours, hundreds upon hundreds of gigs, Australia wide radio air play and supported renowned artists across Australia including Amy Shark, Alex Loyd, Ocean Alley, Busby Marou, Hein Cooper and many more. Tommy has acquired a success and experience that is rare at such a young age.

Many know him for his wild guitar skills and unique flamenco inspired playing. Beginning at the age of 7, he practiced for hours a day and attained his first gig at age 10.

Tommy now plays as a session musician for multiple bands and artists and is certainly well known by the Surfcoast community.

Many young and old upcoming musicians are inspired by his work.

“I love that he is out there doing what he loves, i just love that and he is always supportive of the musicians around him”- Lumii

I asked Tom if you could give one piece of advice to a young aspiring musician what it would be..

“Challenge yourself with music, study every genre, learn different instruments, understand music theory so you can speak the same language to other musicians in the future. Never let social media influence your perception of your own music, it has plagued the music industry for the last ten years”

His most recent released song “Feel it strong” has a powerful sound, and important meaning behind it that i think everyone should know, and a lot of his words are inspired by the works of Aaron & Melissa Dykes, founders of Truth Stream Media.

If Tom isn’t playing music, you’ll find him gardening, surfing, listening to Herbie Hancock or Steely Dan, and enjoying the undying simplicity’s of life.

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