Surfcoast Muso Harmony- Jasper

The first time I heard Jasper play was at the Surfcoast Music Festival. He has a sound that is like the shadow of Bob Dylan who interestingly enough has been one of his favourite musicians for a long time. It all started for Jasper at the age of four when he first started playing guitar and singing came into his life not long after. Jasper has had great success in his music career so far at such a young age. His first band being the Tiny Giants as lead singer/guitarist, and now working hard on his band Bones and Jones.

Jasper’s biggest inspiration comes from whatever is flowing in his life.

“I suppose my biggest inspiration are those classic records that we all hold dear.”

It is evident through Jasper's uniqueness and skill that he will go places in the music industry. I look forward to seeing what is next for him.

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