Surfcoast Muso Harmony- JACK

‘I am inspired both in life and music by anybody that is doing something different or outside the box. The kind of person that knows what they love so they just disappear down that rabbit hole’

This is just one of the many beautiful answers Jack sent through to my many curious questions.

Jack is a unique and wildly talented multi instrumentalist from the Surfcoast. He holds a lot of character and uniqueness in the person he is, and his music. Spending his days delving into gardening, restoring motorbikes, reading, body surfing, and finding bamboo souvenir plates at the op shop is what you’ll find Jack doing if he isn’t getting wonderfully lost in music.

After listening to some of his Dads records in his younger years. Jack instantly became infatuated with music…..good music. From Hendrix, to Zeppelin to Sabeth, he was exposed in the best way possible to a world that would end up changing his own. In High School he picked up guitar and in Jacks words “It just blew my mind’.

Throughout his whole life he has been inspired by many musicians, family and friends. Admiring everyones different creative spin in life. Not only taking in inspiration by wickedly talented muso’s but the people who are doing what they love. Those that dance to the beat of their own drum. Living life to their truth. I think we should all be inspired by those living to their utmost potential.

When I started reading who Jack’s current music plays are at the moment, I smiled and nodded my head in complete agreement. Ty Segall, Charlie Parker, David Axlerod, The Who, Drug Dealer, David Crosby, Trafic Island, Girlatones, Television, Frank Zappa is what Jack is rotating in his ear drums at the moment.

Jack’s approach to his own music is free spirited and has an openness to explore other realms of music is rare.

“I just want to be able to keep creating, traveling the world and meeting amazing people. That is the best thing about music. It brings like minded people together.”

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