Updated: Nov 21, 2019

This is Finn. You’ve probably seen him shredding his guitar on the streets of Torquay or heard him finger pick a collection of harmonious chords at a gig. He is one of the most unique kids I’ve ever met. At only 13 years of age he has already attained various guitar techniques that would take years of fingertip-blistering practice for others.

On his 9th birthday he was given a guitar and was instantly hooked. Before guitar he always had artistic charisma for painting and drawing and he was always incredibly fond of music growing up. So a path as a musician seemed only natural to him.

His music encaptures a folk/surf roots vibe, but he always puts his own twist on it. Finn is a storyteller through his music, and though he is inspired by many other musicians, he never tries to be anyone but himself.

“My inspiration in life is all the people that share knowledge with me and are willing to share advice and help me be the best musician I possibly can be”

With aspirations to continue on his folk music path, he will always keep expanding his musical horizon, delving into other worlds such as Jazz and Blues.

Throughout his already very successful music career, he has been very fortunate to have worked and been taught by many highly skilled musicians that encouraged and supported him get to where he is today. (Chris Wilson, Tommy Castles, Max Rudd, Jasper Jolley)

He is now studying at Victorian College Of the Arts Secondary School and is destined for gargantuan greatness. Honestly, if Finnigan August had shares I’d invest all my money in him. But he doesn’t….so just buy his CD.

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