Updated: Oct 10, 2019

Jasmin. A humble, young and talented soul from the Surfcoast.

She has a voice that will hum beautifully through your veins. Already recorded her first debut single and releasing it on Triple J Unearthed in a few days. Her drive is rare and is what will get her to where she wants to be in music. “I really hope in the future to do music as a full time job and continue to write news songs and perform them live”.

She started playing music when she was given her first guitar on her 7th birthday. Jas continued to sing in her bedroom secretively until she auditioned to sing at a school concert and was surprised to be chosen at the main act. “This gave me the confidence to continue singing”.

Chris Hay, who I presented to you on my last Surfcoast Muso profile. Is Jasmin’s biggest inspiration and mentor. “He not only teaches me the art of playing guitar but guides me through the music industry process”. Like many other young musicians, she looks up to Chris and hope to gig around the Surfcoast as he does.

The Beatles and Lorde are Jasmins favourite musicians for their uniqueness and creativity. Who wouldn’t agree with that?

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