Updated: Nov 21, 2019

This is Jesse Stanley. Jesse is a Bass guitarist. So naturally he is the groove of music. He is the glue that holds together the sound of the band. Without a bass line, the band ceases to channel the much sought after ‘funk’.

If you have ever questioned yourself as to why your favourite song is so infectious with groove…it’s probably because there is a radical bass line weaving it’s magic throughout.

He started playing when he was just 14 years old after his brothers drum teacher leant him a bass guitar. Now, here he is, playing for various bands and artists on the Surf Coast and absolutely revelling in jamming and creating music with other talented musicians.

“It’s so special being apart of creating sounds with people. Music is such an uplifting exchange of energy”

I asked Jesse what inspires him musically and in his own life. He simply takes everything around him and amalgamates it into his own unique perspective.

His humble attitude towards his own music is incredibly rare. He loves to write and doesn’t give a damn if no one hears it. He purely just loves to write and does it from his own heart, not anyone else’s.

“Making music is the most fun and rewarding thing”

Something I really loved when I asked Jesse who his favourite musician is, he said he just really enjoys seeing and hearing a local gig or busker playing music entirely honestly, because they don’t try to be like anyone else.

This is Jesse. You’ll most likely catch him out in the surf at a local “punchy beach break left”.

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