Updated: Nov 21, 2019

I'm starting a project called 'Surfcoast Muso Harmony' with local musicians on the Surfcoast. Capturing a portrait of them and telling you a bit about them. Here is my first muso- Chris.

This is Chris. Chris likes to surf. He truly believes dawn is the best time to surf, because it sets you up for your day. And I agree. Surfing is the only time you’ll ever see him without his black hat on. I found that out today when I bumped into him at the beach and barely recognised him. Chris has his own music shop. His own band. His own guitar. His own guitar pick. He writes his own songs. You could say Chris thoroughly enjoys music. He was first inspired to play guitar by his older brother and parents who both pushed him to be the best he could be. “I always had this fascination with guitar, always playing little riffs”. Waves was born in Chris’s mind after getting a tattoo on his right hand in a large font— “Waves”. Matt Event was the man who in Chris’s words “Was in and out of my life pushing me and striving me to set up the shop”. His solo project—Jimi Crisp, is a laidback amalgamation of surf roots & folk. If you haven’t already listened to Jimi Crisp music, you most definitely should. His favourite local musician is Tommy Castles, a blonde curly haired ya-hoo, who is exceptionally wild at guitar. His favourite music to listen to at the moment before heading out for a surf is Arcade Fire and their album The Suburbs.

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