Updated: Oct 10, 2019

When I started setting up my gear to do an interview and photograph of Hannah, she was practicing in the room below. I was left glued to my seat in a kind of warm, mesmerised trance. Her voice is weaved with sounds of Carole King and Norah Jones, yet she makes it so beautifully unique it will draw your heart in, eager to hear more.

A mere 17 year old girl, already recorded her first single (which you can hear on triple j unearthed), writes all her own music and has has a curiosity that stretches far beyond the Surf Coast. Her humble and old soul isn’t out to attain fame, or glory, she just hopes for people to listen to her music.

“I just want people to hear it, I want people to connect to it, you know? Like in your car ride home”.

Her inspiration blooms from the raw and powerful woman, Carole King. Like many who adore Carole, Hannah is captivated by what she wrote and how it made her feel.

Another inspiration is one of her mentors Tommy Castles, a guitar player, music teacher and producer from the Surf Coast.

“I love that he is out there doing what he loves, i just love that and he is always supportive of the musicians around him”.

As soon as I met Hannah, I knew that she was her entire self and wasn't trying to be anything more. That is where her music will shine.

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