Love thy self

-Self Love Photoshoots-

To gather the beauty of someone and emanate it in a photograph in a gentle and subtle way that I’m not particularly used to, in comparison to the adrenaline that comes with capturing someone dancing a top cold Victorian waters, or charging down a steep blanket of gravel on a 60cm skateboard. I’m feeling quite enthralled to dig out insecurities, and this docile conditioning of feeling too sexual in ones flesh and release it through movement and photographs. I think the art of self love is so prevalent to practice in this modern society that is saturated with expectation, and decomposed mainstream ideals of loving thy self. We must leap over bounds to learn to reflect our mind body and spirit in a love that cannot ever be tangible to anyone other than ourselves. So here it is—the new addition to my craft, self love shoots.

This photo session is one I want to make more of an experience for you than anything. I want you to leave feeling a confidence in your skin that you haven't felt before. To be okay having your photo taken, and slowly breaking down the conditioning walls of feeling shameful and guilty in front of a lens. You are beautiful, and every human being deserves to feel beautiful within their skin. I want to bring the wild woman that is sitting within your womb out into the world and set her free in a way that is so unknown it will scare and inspire you.

This magical journey will begin with a greeting chat over a warm cup of tea, or if you are beyond local radius--over the phone.

The photoshoot will take place out in nature and you will choose what landscape you are drawn too most--Ocean, Forest, Bushland.

I want to photograph you in lands that you feel brings most joy and connectivity to your soul and entire being.

Whether this is for your business, or a gift for yourself--it is a perfect way for you to grow into your body and evolve in a way you wouldn't have thought possible.

I want to bring gentleness, beauty, pain, lightness and darkness to your photographs in the rawest and most honest way possible.

The photo shoot generally runs for approximately 1-2 hours, with 2 locations at sunrise or sunset.

You will receive the photographs within 1-2 weeks in high resolution USB form.

In-water photographs are available if you are a water baby (like me) and wish yourself to be captured in the water.

 I want to offer these shoots as a way to connect with inspiring and powerful women. An experience that I hope even in the smallest way, can make an impact on your magnificent spirit and entire being.

If you have any further questions please get in touch with me, your voice is always heard in this space.

Katey xx