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Hi! I'm Katey. Welcome to my muse. I love nature, and photographing humans in nature but more than anything-- I want to capture feelings and inspire people to get outside and grasp every inch that mother earth has to offer. Orchestrating the simplicities and complexities of a moment through feeling in a photograph, is something I want to share with the world. To take a place, a person, or an incredible moment and photograph it in a way where the viewer’s heart or soul can relate—is completely magnificent. After all, we are all just walking skin suits overflowing with emotions, surrounded by beauty and wrought with love—It’s all too beautiful to pass by.


Enlightened Audio

Website coming soon.

-High Tide Surfboards


Annabel Tellis- Author of 'If my dad were a dog'

Gail Affleck-

Abstract & Contemporary Artist

-Hello Coffee


Ina Soul


-She Is Earth


-Wilderness Within www.wildernesswithinofferings.com

-Chapel Off Chapel


-Apollo Bay Yoga


-Earthly Potions Tea


-Jarosite band



Jan 13th- Feb 3rd Art's Inc       Gallery Apollo Bay

Workers Hut- Torquay

23rd-30th Jan

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